Extraction hoods for drilling in walls, ceilings and floors.

Drilling in walls, floors and ceilings can sometimes go smoothly, but when the holes get bigger, it can cause problems.
We often fall short of a hand.
This is not the case with the soTTool extraction hoods.
With the vacuum cleaner on, you can easily put the cover in place and then drill with two hands.

There are two models:

BA-90 with a maximum drill size of 85 mm (art. No. C835090).
The extractor hood has been specially developed for drilling from 3 mm to 85 mm.
Electrode boxes in the wall milling is therefore no problem.

BA-180 with a maximum drilling size of 175 mm (art. No. 835180).
This extractor hood has been specially developed for drilling from 75 mm up to and including 175 mm.

Now the drilling of larger holes is almost always done with the help of water, but there are certainly disadvantages.
When the water evaporates / carries, we just have dust again.
And what happens to the larger holes on various floors?
All the water used flows down with all its consequences …

We do not know these problems with the DusTTool extractor hoods.

The BA-180 is also equipped with a transparent ring that can easily be changed with the brush.
By means of this ring, dust-free holes can be milled (up to a maximum of 90 mm) with the aid of an angle grinder in both ceramic and natural stone.



Ask for more information from your tool supplier.