The Dusttool HH-300 DustBoot, in cooperation with TNO, is developed for universal use, which makes a clear difference in working in the fabric or free of dust.

The HH-300 fits directly or through a padding on many DustBoots.

This development is a good step forward in controlling the fabric development during chopping and crushing work.

Look here on the last reference list or your air hammer can be equipped with the HH-300 extractor.

Ask your dealer for all the information.

The HH-300 is only suitable for chopping.

If you want to drill the suction part can be easily removed and you can use our drilling solutions.

The HH-300 comes complete for a standard chisel of 12″.
As an extra piece a hose of 10″ with chisels up to 20″ can be worked.
If you want even longer, that’s not a problem either.
Order a longer hose and you are ready.